How To Pay

—-Select your package that you want to subscripe— then you will be directly threw to check out where you will find payment options:

 1. PayPal

For PayPal payments follow checkout and select Paypal as payment method .

2. Cryptocurrency payments

We accept all major cryptocurrencies , choose the package that you want to subscribe and follow the checkout to make the payment choose Cryptocurrency as paiment method on checkout.

3.Credit , debit cards : Visa , Mastercard , JCB , DIscover , American Exp.

* In order to be able to pay by Credit card, you need to have the “3D Secure Authentication” activated on your card.

If it is not the case, please contact your Bank, they will activate it for you, then you can pay.

What is “3D Secure Authentication”?

The “3D Secure authentication” is a system backed by major card providers, designed to protect customers and retailers during online transactions. Originally launched by Visa in 2001 as “Verified-by-Visa”, Mastercard has also adopted its own version “Mastercard Secure Code”, and American Express launched American Express SafeKey in 2010.

When a customer buys something on a retailer’s site that uses 3D Secure, before the transaction is processed he will be redirected to the card provider’s site.

Depending on the circumstances, he may be asked for a password, which he had previously set up with the card provider, or he might have to enter an authentication code that has been sent to his mobile. Sometimes, he doesn’t need to enter any details at all. 

Once the payment is approved by the card provider, the customer will be directed back to the retailer’s site and receive a confirmation that everything has gone through successfully.

Some banks have automatically done this registration, while others have not, so it’d be good to check with the bank and confirm. 

– If you are a Visa card, please confirm with your bank that your card has been registered with the “Verified by Visa” program. 

– If you are a Mastercard, please confirm with your bank that your card has been registered with the “MasterCard Secure Code” program.

We’ve found that some customers who attempt to Pay with their credit card sometimes have trouble receiving their OTP. We’ve also found that in most cases, this is because the customer did not have his phone number registered with his bank, so his bank was sending the OTP to an old phone number.

So, please confirm that your current phone number is registered with your bank. This will ensure that you receive OTPs for transaction authorization. 

—–if you have met these conditions and you still have trouble paying , feel free to contact us , we will offer you another way to pay by cards [email protected]

Note that we don’t stole any informations of your cards , payments are handling by the gateways , and is 100% safe and secure verified by Visa , Mastercard etc.